Lord, help me have the courage to do what you tell me to do, even when I don't feel like it or when others look at who I was, rather than the person who you have created me to be and in which I am becoming. Even though the things you say do, don't always make sense to me, I want to obey you without hesitation because I trust you, and if you need me to do what someone else would not do, I am willing. If others do not understand my journey, help me to remember that my relationship with you does not depend upon their approval and I am here to serve you by any means necessary.

Lord, I trust you with my life. I refuse to be afraid of failure, for I know you will lead me through even the most difficult maze to attain my goals. But I understand that I can not fall back on trusting myself and my own good ideas but instead, I must rely on your guidance and direction. Order my steps daily. Lead me in the right direction for my life's purpose, so that I may please you and complete my course. I know I am here for something bigger than me and my only desire is to please you and grow your kingdom.

Should I stumble, I will remember these words. I will remember who I am. I will remember whose I am. I will remember that my mission is more important than my mistakes. I will never quit. I resist every ounce of stress, frustration, hesitation, doubt, and resistance I encounter today.

Thank you for being My Provider and source of strength when there is no other. Keep me encouraged when whatever I give is not returned to me. Make things work out smooth for me and give me good success. Keep me safely in all my endeavors, and cause good things to happen for me. Lead me to the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people, to be in the right situations, to make the right deals and things happen!

Bless me with your abundant blessing, for this is all in Your will for my life.

Let people everywhere see you within my life, and worship You.

In Jesus' precious and powerful name, AMEN!